It’s Moving Together……

FOB – Transportation Design

We understand that successful transportation design involves creating a smooth transition between modes of transport by optimizing efficiency in a stress-free environment.

The team have a wealth of experience across road rail and air projects in the UK and worldwide.

From the design and delivery of state of the art transport interchanges to airport terminals, bus, light rail and public transport assets development.

Our team has delivered projects for Network Rail, Railtrack, Metrolink, Mersey Rail, Manchester Airport, TFGM, Abu Dhabi Airports Authority, St Petersburg Airport, Stanstead Airport, Royal Mail Rail Transportation and Peel Ports.

We can provide Architectural Design, Master planning, feasibility studies and Project Management services to suit the clients’ requirements.

Please get in touch to see how FOB Move can assist you in developing and exploiting your site opportunities

Make it happen!

Contact us on 01244 566124 or mobile 07947 251588

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