What about Planning Permission?

Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings or to the local environment need consent – known as planning permission.

Without a planning system everyone could construct buildings or use land in any way they wanted, no matter what effect this would have on other people who live and work in their area.

Your local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development – anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre – should go ahead


Planning control is the process of managing the development of land and buildings. The purposes of this process are to save what is best of our heritage and to improve the infrastructure upon which we depend for a civilised existence.

Your local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development, anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre, should go ahead.

The Government has published a plain English guide giving an overview of how the planning system works in England.

Most planning applications are submitted online. You can apply to every local authority in England through the Planning Portal.

You can submit an application to an authority in Wales using your Planning Portal login details by visiting Planning Applications Wales.

The benefits are simple:

  • Quick and user-friendly system
  • Step-by-step help and advice
  • Attach plans and drawings
  • Save time and money

Home improvement projects

Do you want to create more space in your home, make it more energy efficient or perhaps you are looking to self-build? Whether your project is large or small, the Planning Portal’s common projects and interactive guidance can help you to plan and take the next steps to begin your building work.

Explore Planning Portal guidance

Commercial or residential developments

Whether you are planning a large scale commercial project, submitting an application on behalf of a client or changing the use of a building, our comprehensive guidance about planning and building regulations can help you to remain compliant throughout the projects life-cycle; helping you to deliver on time and in budget.

Explore Planning Portal guidance

FOB Architecture can help you through the whole process.

Contact us as at office@fob-architecture.co.uk or by phone 01244 566124

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